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This is us!


Team Inspired!

Inspired Family Fun started out as our own need for quality and upscale family and corporate entertainment!

Inspiration has always been our starting point, it all starts in our head, followed by a long period of searching, creating, editing, organizing, fine tuning, until that magical moment that gates open and the place fills with happy faces and giggles! 

Xenia Theodorou

Founder - Event Creative Director

Always for a good cause

Giving back to community and those in need is a priority for all our productions. Based on our values we find various ways to support selected non-profit Foundations and Charity Organisations by donating proceeds, providing floor space for charity stalls, proudly intergrating the aims of the Institutions in our dynamic marketing campaign and accommodating volunteers for various campaigns.

30 Jun 20_1121 Team Photo.jpg

Simos Paroutis

Marketeer, restless and creative mind, there is no problem he can't solve.

Always steps out of his comfort zone to get things done and... 

kids just adore him!

30 Jun 20_1042 Team Photo.jpg

Leonidas Constantis
Talented artist, painter, 3-d specialist, tattoo artist, his amazing designs, graffitis and murals have given life to Nicosia and Limassol city walls. Creative spirit and passionate for art in all forms.

30 Jun 20_1022 Team Photo.jpg

Maria Theodorou

With her legal background, Maria keeps us into perspective.

Her artistic flair combined with her genuine love for beauty and creativity help put all ideas into action. 

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