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Everything's better with a bit of magic!

Something wicked this way comes...

For the 7th year let's share the real Halloween magic! Endless fun with trick or treat, pumpkin decorating, dress up parties, parrot shows, skeleton paintball game, sugarcrafting and many exciting games and rides! Enjoy a fun filled weekend in the  beautiful autumn ambience of our favourite parks!

  • Meet the Witch and play trick or treat, if you dare!

  • Thousands of pumpkins for carving and decorating 

  • Bungee jumping trampolines

  • Pool with waterwalker balls

  • Archery

  • Pool with Bumping boats

  • Bouncy castles

  • Survivor games

  • Skeleton paintball game

  • Balloon darts

Pumpkin decorating

Pumpkin decorating is Halloween's most loved activity! Let your creativity fly and decorate your own pumpkin with colours and designs you love.

It's pumpkin season, our favorite time of the year!

Halloween Fun

28 Oct22_2165 Hallowen Fest.jpg

The most beautiful parks

Opening dates & times


NICOSIA, Akropolis Park

Dates & opening times will be announced soon


LIMASSOL, National Forest Park

Dates & opening times will be announced soon

Support our chosen charity with an optional donation of €2 

We support the Center for Preventive Paediatrics Friends Association


28 Oct22_2188 Hallowen Fest (2).jpg

Fun for everyone!

Try your luck at the Funfair parlour

  • Skeleton paintball game

  • Wheel of fortune

  • Giant bingo

  • Balloon darts

  • Tin toss

  • Football shooting

  • Target games

Spooky arts & crafts section

  • Colourful sand bottles

  • One thousand pumpkins for decorating

  • Sugar crafting 

28 Oct22_2062 Hallowen Fest (1).jpg


Entertainment program:

  • Meet Chester and get your free Cheetos treat! ​​

  • Halloween dress up parties  

  • Live Parrot Shows 

  • Live link with Love FM 

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